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We are passionate about developing brands of impact for Black Women that can positively uplift their communities and change their small piece of the world. Since we began, our goal has been to collaborate with mission-driven brands and companies that want to connect on a deeper level with their people. We help you develop strategy, craft meaningful stories and clear messaging that can be infused it into every part of your brand awareness and marketing strategies, to build greater connections and trusted businesses among your community. We work with brands that are unique, relatable, memorable and most importantly, brands that people can believe in.


A framework for how your brand is delivered to the world.


A partner to ensure the consistency of your brand.

brand development

A foundation to curate your personal or influencer brand.


A solution for your brand questions.

get the basic building blocks for your brand with our quick pick packages.

If you are in the early stages of building your brand and need a starting point, these are for you. Get your brand story, mission & vision statements, social media strategy + more to get you started.


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Because black women are powerful. And until recently, we were not getting the recognition we deserve. But now, Black women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs and new studies are showing that we are also the most educated group in the United States. We just want to shine more light on the greatness of black women. We want to give you the tools and be your partner in building a meaningful and impactful brand,  so you can fulfill your passions and purpose. 



Branding is the reason you may choose Nicki Minaj over Cardi B. It's the reason we love women like Michelle Obama, Beyonce Knowles, Oprah Winfrey and Viola Davis. They have stories that allow them to form deeper connections with their fans and makes them feel apart of something bigger than themselves. Your brand is why people follow you, why they buy from you. Your brand is the story of who you are, what you do and why it matters. And when that story is told correctly, to the right people, consistently, with the right strategies, your brand will be timeless. You will have a solid foundation for customer loyalty and a following that will share your value with others because they believe in you and what you do.



Lione House is a place for black women that lead. Black women that are unique,  fierce, courageous and incredibly passionate. And all we want to do is support you on your journey to greatness. We are not a done for you agency, but a collaborative one and we will be with you every step of the way. Not only do we bring experience to the table but we bring passion and you will never get any less than 100% with us.

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for black women

nonprofits. influencers and personal brands. business brands.

There are Black Women with great stories, personalities, passions and businesses, that have the potential to be great brands. They want more visibility, more impact, more connection, better clients. They want loyalty. Those women come here. 


clients are saying

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"Briana was very professional, knowledgeable and provided so many good tips on how to improve my firm website, online brand and how to define my ideal client. I was able to implement right away many of the tips she provided. I would definitely recommend Briana to other colleagues."

Anuforo Law Firm

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