brand services

brand strategy workshop

$5k investment

Over 3 days, clients will attend a deep dive brand strategy workshop that is designed to help you or your team understand and define your brand. So, when you're discussing your brand internally or outsourcing your work to a web designer, social media manager or digital marketing team, they have a guide to help you remain brand consistent. The brand strategy workshop is perfect for you if you are looking to start off on the right foot with a new brand launch or you are rebranding and want to change direction. 

A brand strategy is not the same as a marketing strategy. Brand strategy is the process of building the framework for how your brand is presented to your audience to gain favorability. So we'll answer questions like:

  • what is the voice and tone?

  • what kind of words and messaging should you use?

  • what's the brand archetype and personality?

  • what's your story?

  • how does it look (brand identity)?

  • what are the core values?

  • how do you measure against your competitors and how can you differentiate and position?




Brand strategy is also a deep dive into understanding your audience. We' ll identify:

  • your buyer persona

  • target audience

  • demographics and psychographics

  • and even get a better understanding of your consumer purchase decision processes and reasoning.


Lastly, we will develop a plan marketing and brand awareness.

brand management

Starting at $3.5k monthly

As your brand manager, we ensure that your brand is consistent all across the board, remains inline with your consumer interest and is being received positively by your audience.


how we help business brands:


  • develop brand awareness strategies

  • work closely with your marketing or sales team to develop strategy and ensure consistency 

  • monitor brand performance

  • monitor industry trends

  • manage brand communications and partnerships

  • public relations


From a social media campaign, to marketing materials, your website and even customer service, we'll work with you or your team to make sure that your brand is upholding its promises, sticking to its values and looks, feels and sounds the same at every customer touch point. If it's not, we'll deliver solutions to get your brand back on track.

how we help influencer brands:

  • manage communications

  • manage brand partnerships

  • reputation management 

  • public relations


We help you save time, so you can focus on being a creative and delivering quality content. We'll take care of everything else.

brand development

$7.5k investment

If you want to develop your personal brand or are an aspiring influencer that wants more visibility, wants to connect more with your audience, get booked for gigs, speaking engagements or podcast, and get brand deals. Or maybe you need to revamp or rebrand. This is for you!

For 8 weeks, well will work together to really nail down what your personal brand is so you can purposefully and strategically show up as your true and authentic self for your audience. Your people will fall in love with you! We'll do a deep dive into:

  • your story

  • your purpose

  • you credentials

  • your passions and interest

  • your values and beliefs

  • your vision and mission

  • your personality

  • your audience

  • your message

  • your offer (if you have one)

Then, we'll work on things like:

  • your content strategy

  • your website

  • your brand awareness strategy

  • your brand identity and visuals


We're going to help develop a brand that feels good to you, is true to you, demonstrates your greatness and is undeniable to your people.

brand clarity

$200 per session

Brand clarity sessions are an opportunity for you to ask all the brand related questions your heart desires. Clarity sessions can be used to discuss:


  • connecting with your audience

  • building brand awareness

  • getting more engagement

  • guidance for building your personal brand

  • identifying problems

  • identifying opportunities


Clarity sessions can be 1-on-1 or with members of your team and are 60mins. After your session, you will have more clarity and more confidence to take the best steps forward for your brand.

quick pick packages

Our quick packages are for you if you at the beginning stages of building your brand but aren't ready to go into full on brand strategy. These package options will all give you the basic building blocks to deliver your brand to the world. 

simba $1k

Brand Story
1 - brand clarity session

nala $2k

Brand Story
Mission & Vision
2 – brand clarity sessions

mufasa $3k

surabi $5k

Brand Story
Mission & Vision
30 Day Strategy
Brand Personality
2 – brand clarity sessions

Brand Story
Mission & Vision
60 Day Social Strategy
Brand Personality 
Brand Pillars
3 – brand clarity sessions

Now, you may be thinking "these packages are expensive AF"! But let me breakdown why.The prices for each package includes discovery calls to collect information, developing the deliverables of the package you've chosen, revisions on deliverables (because there are always revisions) and your free clarity sessions.


These packages are called quick picks because the deliverables are already outline for you and give you quick options to get your brand going. But, they are still very timely. And most importantly, above all, they are of great quality and will get the job done.

what clients are saying

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"I absolutely love working with Briana. She is smart, strategic and energetic.  She helped a stuffy, old lawyer move out of her comfort zone."

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